At WOOLDIKE we have an appreciation of fine products and a respect for the nature that provides us.

We, therefore, wish to support World Animal Protection by donating €1 for every item sold. This helps the kind and dedicated people, to care and protect the most vulnerable animals in need. World Animal Protection’s continued effort ensures that progress is ongoing, in the awareness of how we humans, treat animals and the environment we all live in, which in turn, contributes to making our world a better place.  


World Animal Protection
Formed in 1981,  World Animal Protection aims to end the needless suffering of animals across the globe. We work closely with businesses, local communities and governments to help them protect and care for animals and the environments in which they live. Our principles are founded on the collective responsibility to protect the world’s animals and ensure that they live happy lives, and are free to express their natural behaviours. Good animal welfare is also fundamental to community wellbeing, to food production and agricultural systems, to the environment, to public health, and to a sustainable global economy and planet.